~Behind the Movement~

~ Gabrielle is a movement coach with a unique specialization in working with musicians, addressing the common strains, aches, and pains that many professional musicians face. With a background in Violin performance from the University of Southern Illinois, she has personally experienced the challenges of chronic pain due to overplaying

~ Her journey to wellness began with a search for ways to deal with her pain. She realized that moving her body during yoga classes was one of the only ways she could manage feeling normal. From there, her journey took off. She became certified with a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Mumbai, India. Realizing that yoga alone didn’t address all the problems, she continued her search for more comprehensive answers. This quest led her to additional certifications with Yoga Detour and ApeCo Movement School. Most recently, she became a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM.

~ She employs a diverse range of techniques tailored to all body types and experience levels. Her approach is especially beneficial for those new to movement or hesitant about working out. Having been through the struggle of performing with pain and building strength from a point of weakness, she is uniquely equipped to guide musicians and individuals dealing with chronic pain. Her goal is to help you move comfortably and confidently, enhancing both your performance and overall well-being.